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Guesthouse Tritoxo

Guesthouse “Tritoxo” is accommodated in a renovated building of 1822 in the centre of the graphic village Koukouli, that follows the traditional architecture.
Koukouli 440 10 Koukouli, Epirus, GR

Kalliopi Resort Papigo

Here, every season of the year is beautiful.
Megalo Papigo 440 04 Megalo Papigo, Epirus, GR

Zagori Suites

Its central location makes is ideal to become your starting point to explore the mountain paradise of Zagorohoria!
Vitsa 440 07 Vitsa, Epirus, GR

Ioannidis Guesthouse

The IOANNIDIS Guesthouse has 7 rooms of two, three and four beds, with central heating, private bathroom and TV.
Megalo Papigo 440 04 Epirus, GR

Amaryllis Luxury Guest House

A luxury guest house of particularly high aesthetics and quality, reconstructed in the French provinces guest houses style.
Ano Pedina 440 07 Ano Pedina, Epirus, GR

Beloi Hotel

All regional-style rooms are spacious and bright.
Vitsa 440 07 Vitsa, Epirus, GR

Orestis House

"Oreste's House' has a leading role in tourist events of Epirus.
Ano Pedina 440 07 Ano Pedina, Epirus, GR

Thoukididis Guesthouse

Thoukididis rooms feature handpainted ceilings, wooden floors and local artifacts.
Kapesovo 440 10 Kapesovo, Epirus, GR

Saxonis Houses Guesthouse

About Saxonis Houses Guesthouse in Papigo
Papingo 440 04 Epirus, GR

Hotel Aoos

Each room here will provide you with air conditioning and a balcony with mountain and valley views.
Konitsa 441 00 Konitsa, Epirus, GR

Stis Giagias Evgenias

Our traditional hotel "Stis giagias Evgenias" is situated within 37 km away from the city of Ioannina, at an altitude of 990m in the entrance of Vitsa village of Zagorohoria.
Vitsa 440 07 Epirus, GR

Hotel Konitsa Panorama

The hotel Panorama is located in a a land of 6 acres and in an altitude of 650 metres, with the sight of mount “Gamila” the gorge of the river “Aoos”and of “Nemertsika”
Konitsa 441 00 Konitsa, Epirus, GR

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