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Pirrion Hotel

Have you already forgotten what mountains, cliffs, valleys, forests and rivers look like? Or even how the rustle of leaves at noon and the sheep's bells sound like a heart-beat during the first streak of dawn?
Ano Pedina 440 07 Epirus, GR


A tradition of exceptional hospitality and a particular way of maintaining the land-planning and cultural organisation of the local society.
Papingo 440 04 Papigo, Epirus, GR

Hotel Konitsa Panorama

The hotel Panorama is located in a a land of 6 acres and in an altitude of 650 metres, with the sight of mount “Gamila” the gorge of the river “Aoos”and of “Nemertsika”
Konitsa 441 00 Konitsa, Epirus, GR

Hotel Rodovoli

This property is also rated for the best value in Konitsa!
Konitsa 441 00 Konitsa, Epirus, GR

Faraggi Hotel

The Hotel "Faraggi" offers traditional hospitality to visitors, maintaining its family identity.
Kleidonia 441 00 Kleidonia, Epirus, GR

Pantheon Hotel

In Western Greece, there is a mountainous, magical and unique paradise where nature endowed, gives life to everything that surrounds it.
Megalo Papigo 440 04 Epirus, GR


As one of the best Lodgings in Europe
Megalo Papigo 440 04 Epirus, GR

Villa Rustica

This property is also rated for the best value in Konitsa!
Konitsa 441 00 Konitsa, Epirus, GR

Xenonas Zagorisio

Featuring rustic-style decoration with wooden ceilings and local artefacts.
Tsepelovo 440 10 Tsepelovo, Epirus, GR

Arkefthos Mountain Guesthouse

The interior spaces of the guesthouse is built of stone and wood like the exterior according to the traditional architectural standards of the region.
Megalo Papigo 440 04 Megalo Papigo, Epirus, GR

Hotel Athina

With an excellent view to the nature of Zagori, is an ideal stay position for trips to the whole region, but also to the city and the beauties of the Prefecture of Ioannina.
Elati 440 07 Elati, Epirus, GR

Monodendri Hotel

The building offersfabulous mountain view towards Vikos Canyon!
Monodendri 440 07 Monodendri, Epirus, GR

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