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One of the most beautiful and best preserved villages in Zagorochoria area
Dilofo 440 07 Dilofo, Epirus, GR

Balkoni Zagoriou

The Balcony of Zagori is a guest house in the picturesque village Vradeto.
Vradeto 440 10 Epirus, GR

Terpsichori Guesthouse

Featuring handmade curtains, carpeted floors and wooden ceilings.
Kapesovo 440 10 Kapesovo, Epirus, GR

Hotel Machalas

The hotel Machalas is by itself a small village, inside Kipi.
Kipi 440 10 Kipi, Epirus, GR

To Gefyri

One of the main reasons for which "Gefyri" is worth to be visited by someone, except the location and its rooms, is its restaurant .
Konitsa 441 00 Konitsa, Epirus, GR

Guesthouse Astraka

The traditional guesthouse "ASTRAKA" is one of the oldest mansion buildings in Papigo with particular architecture.
Megalo Papigo 440 04 Epirus, GR

Saxonis Houses Guesthouse

About Saxonis Houses Guesthouse in Papigo
Papingo 440 04 Epirus, GR

Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa

Fairytale landscapes, immense choice of outdoor activities, traditional concepts, design aesthetics
Μικρό Πάπιγκο 440 04 Epirus, GR

Guesthouse Tritoxo

Guesthouse “Tritoxo” is accommodated in a renovated building of 1822 in the centre of the graphic village Koukouli, that follows the traditional architecture.
Koukouli 440 10 Koukouli, Epirus, GR

Thoukididis Guesthouse

Thoukididis rooms feature handpainted ceilings, wooden floors and local artifacts.
Kapesovo 440 10 Kapesovo, Epirus, GR

Ioannidis Guesthouse

The IOANNIDIS Guesthouse has 7 rooms of two, three and four beds, with central heating, private bathroom and TV.
Megalo Papigo 440 04 Epirus, GR

Guesthouse Gerakofolia

From our verandas you can enjoy the view, with the look it is lost in the valley and in the ravines of National Forest of Vikos - Aoos.
Konitsa 441 00 Konitsa, Epirus, GR

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