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Hotel Spiridoula

The hotel’s location is ideal for activities like walking through the Vikos canyon!
Kleidonia 441 00 Kleidonia, Epirus, GR

Zagori Suites

Its central location makes is ideal to become your starting point to explore the mountain paradise of Zagorohoria!
Vitsa 440 07 Vitsa, Epirus, GR

Timfaia Villa

Majestic and luxurious villa is harmonizes perfectly with the aesthetic and architectural entity of the region.
Tsepelovo 440 10 Tsepelovo, Epirus, GR

Bourazani Wild Life Resort

You can enjoy educational tours of Bourazani Park, along with the thrill of spotting wild animals including deer and boars.
Konitsa 441 00 Konitsa, Epirus, GR

Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa

Fairytale landscapes, immense choice of outdoor activities, traditional concepts, design aesthetics
Μικρό Πάπιγκο 440 04 Epirus, GR

Pirrion Hotel

Have you already forgotten what mountains, cliffs, valleys, forests and rivers look like? Or even how the rustle of leaves at noon and the sheep's bells sound like a heart-beat during the first streak of dawn?
Ano Pedina 440 07 Epirus, GR

Aberratio Boutique Hotel

The event hall, restaurant and comfortable lounges complete all the necessary facilities and amenities of a Boutique Hotel.
Aristi 440 04 Aristi, Epirus, GR

Oikies Artsistas

Artsistas Houses is the ideal hideaway to escape from everyday life and live your dreams.
Aristi 440 04 Epirus, GR

Hotel Althaia

Althaia presents an unexpected surprise.
Dilofo 440 07 Dilofo, Epirus, GR

Hotel Konitsa Panorama

The hotel Panorama is located in a a land of 6 acres and in an altitude of 650 metres, with the sight of mount “Gamila” the gorge of the river “Aoos”and of “Nemertsika”
Konitsa 441 00 Konitsa, Epirus, GR


One of the most beautiful and best preserved villages in Zagorochoria area
Dilofo 440 07 Dilofo, Epirus, GR

Dovra Hotel

Each spacious and individually decorated, air-conditioned room of Dovra is equipped with a TV.
Aspraggeli 440 07 Aspraggeli, Epirus, GR

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