Archontiko Dilofou

A traditional, lordly mansion-house renovated into a hotel with zeal and care.

Dilofo, situated in the otherworldly surroundings of Kentriko Zagori (Central Zagori) 31 km away from the city of Ioannina, is a traditional, picturesque village, which has stayed untouched through the years.

There you can enjoy your staying in a traditional, lordly mansion-house renovated into a hotel (9 luxurious rooms and 1 suite) with zeal and care.

In the village and the region around it you can taste traditional recipes and feel Zagori’s people warm hospitality.

You can also wonder in the ravine of Vikos and experience a breathtaking view from Beloi; visit the place where the nomad tribe of Sarakatsans used to live; walk on the famous bridges of a sublime architecture built centuries ago; marvel at the splendour of numerous Byzantine monasteries and churches rich in murals and handmade, wooden temples.

Moreover, in our mansion-hotel Archontiko Dilofo you can taste a traditional breakfast made exclusively with local products. In the evening, having returned from your excursions, you are offered the chance to enjoy the warm atmosphere of our fireplace as well as the traditional pies, the local handmade sausages and the various kinds of local cheeses. Furthermore, you can taste some delicious traditionally cooked meals such as pork “prasoselino”, wined rooster and boiled goat accompanied by local wine and the famous “raki”.

According to the wall inscription, Archontiko Dilofo was gradually built in three distinct periods: 1633, 1864 and 1865. The major part of the main mansion was incorporated with the first building (a hut-like building of 1633) in 1864. The auxiliary spaces of the kitchen, the firewood shed, and the stable of goats were also built in the outside.

Today, the main building consists of 9 rooms: there are 4 three-person rooms, 3 two-person rooms, the breakfast room and the preparation room. The second building includes one two-room suite and another auxiliary room. The murals that used to be in its interior – created by famous Chioniadites painters – are now placed around the communal spaces.

Archontiko Dilofo is an authentic Zagori mansion-house: two rooms are called “Mantzato” (No 4 & 5) with fireplace and oven. On the first floor (No 11) there are the “krevata” and the “ontades” (No 7 & 8) (bedrooms); all with fireplaces and wide beds (which are called “bastia”). The store of foods (which is named “katogi” and it has been transformed into the breakfast room now) is on the ground floor. “Katogi” is a semi-underground room without windows in order to maintain a low temperature even during the hot summer months. Furthermore, the “sala” downstairs has remained as the room for reception. Nearby there was the “ontas” (No 6), which is now the room for visitors’ reception with fireplace. Above there are the wintry rooms (No 7 & 8) where the family used to spend the winter nights. These rooms had many fresco-paintings created by the famous painters, “Chioniadites”. The granaries, where the cereals, the legumes and the dry fruits were maintained, were on the ground floor. There were also the cellars for wine and food storage as well as the so-called “kadi”, which had capacity of 2 tons. Finally, you could find a room called “mpimtsa” which was quite humid and cold in order to maintain the frailest products such as cheese, butter etc.

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  1. Two days in Hotel Archontiko in Dilopho

    We spent 2 nights in the Archontiko hotel. By far not enough. Dimitra and Jorgos are very nice hosts. When you talk with them you find out that Jorgos did all the work on the house himself. The pictures show how beautiful it is. They also can tell you about the history of the village and the region.
    Our room was very comfortable, it had a fireplace which makes it very cosy.
    The village is worth visiting. Cars are parked just outside the village. As it is a small village you walk to the hotel in only a few minutes via beautiful narrow streets. Dilopho is located in an area with trees and mountains. The Zagoria. From there you can easily drive around and see a lot of nature and small villages.

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