Hotel Althaia

Althaia presents an unexpected surprise.

As you approach one of the most picturesque villages of Zagori, Dilofo, you will notice the traditional stone-made manor that is Hotel Althaia, standing just a few meters away from the village parking lot. Blending harmoniously with the settlement’s architecture, Althaia invites you to enjoy its carefully decorated interior. Featuring wood and stone as its primary building materials, elaborate ceilings, indirect lighting, comfortable sofas by the lit fireplace, and tables with ample view to the manor’s surroundings, Althaia presents an unexpected surprise. With a restaurant menu that is aligned to the philosophy of fresh local products, our chef will daily serve plates that are a tribute to the rich Zagorian gastronomic tradition – soups, beans, stews, but also local pies and imaginative appetizers. Local wines and homemade tsipouro will accompany your meals, while our beverages, herbs and tea are ideal for moments of relaxation.

Within hotel Althaia, in a warm and stylish space, you will find the hotel’s tavern. The tavern combines modern and traditional aesthetics, offering enough room for up to 60 guests. It is ideal for hosting a wedding feast, or any event that involves rich tastes, careful planning, and proper execution. For occasions such as these, you can consult our chef and plan the menu together, as his knowledge and experience will prove invaluable in covering the desires and needs of you and your guests.


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