Hotel & Guesthouse Aloni

Hotel & Restaurant Aloni

Ano Pedina is situated 35 km from Ioannina, 960 metres above the sea level. It is a large settlement known since 1361. Its benefactors of the 18th and 19th century established it as “cultural centre”. In the beautiful Zagori, in the village of Ano Pedina, we can ensure a pleasant stay in a traditional house offering the unique hospitality of Epirus.

In the beautiful area of Zagori and here in the village Ano Pedina we can assure you a pleasant stay in a traditional house of unique hospitality, characteristic of the region of Epirus. In our restaurant you can enjoy breakfast and food, made with local products, sitting next to the fireplace during the winter or during summer in the big yard, but also you can provide yourself along with your departure with some of our products, such as tsipouro, potatoes, cheese by sheep’s milk, etc., – everything of our production – as well as local tea and oregano. We operate during the whole year and we are waiting you in a friendly and cozy environment.

The owners, Achnoulas Bros, built a restaurant with traditional cuisine from Zagori with which the guesthouse has been enriched.

In our restaurant you can enjoy your breakfast and food cooked with pure, local products, by the fireplace or during summer in the big yard.

Achnoulas Bros offer single, double and rooms of three beds. There are 10 rooms in total with 26 beds.

There is also a room, with traditional decoration and fireplace where you can take your breakfast.

Breakfast is offered (coffee, tea, pies etc) with pure products from Epirus. Moreover, traditional cuisine from Zagori is offered (pies etc).

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