Kipoi Aggelon

The traditional resort “Kipoi Aggelon” because of its location is ideal for exploring Zagorochoria.

The Hotel is located in the village Kipoi, in the cental Zagori of the National Forest Vikos-Aoos, just 38 kms north of Ioannina. The construction of the building dates back to 1932. The previous owner, a wealthy doctor, with many foreign influences created an exceptionally commanding and unique structure for its time, which he left behind, after only two years, when he emigrated to the United States. In 2009, after a two year renovation period, its transformation into a A’ class boutique hotel was completed, and it was named “Kipoi Aggelon”. Up until its renovation it was a police station forZagorochoria.

“Kipoi Aggelon” is strongly connected with the restaurant “Margarites” they are both named after the names of the owner’s children and they are part of a complex.

Luxurious boutique hotel “Kipoi Aggelon”, overlooks the Bayiotiko river and the Mitsikeli mountain, and it is a unique combination of tradition and modern. The old building has been renovated with respect to tradition, using the methods and techniques of that time and has been transformed into a modern luxurious b&b hotel with 5 rooms (3 double rooms and 2 triple rooms).

The renovation of the old building has been done with respect to the characteristic architecture of the area, using stone and wood, while the interior decoration is modern and minimal with warm colors and special lighting features. Thetraditional resort “Kipoi Aggelon” because of its location is ideal for exploring Zagorochoria.

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