Arkefthos Mountain Guesthouse

The interior spaces of the guesthouse is built of stone and wood like the exterior according to the traditional architectural standards of the region.

Arkefthos mountain guesthouse in Papigo, fits harmoniously into the stunning sculpture’ of rugged nature of Zagori. With a name inspired by a very old juniper tree whose wood was used in the roofs of houses in the village, the namesake house Arkefthos stands imposingly in Papigo, Zagoria. Under the continous supervision of the 400 meters tall stone “Giants” of Papigo,Arkefthos guesthouse introduces you to the wild beauty of the landscape.

Built entirely of stone, according to the traditional architectural standards of the region, it blends perfectly with the natural surroundings. Equally charming it’s interior spaces, where luxury is consistent with the plain nature requires the lifestyle of Epirus. The earthy colors,the charming furniture in classic lines and the elegant fireplaces dominate the 10 rooms predisposing you positively at first glance. Immerse yourself in the soft mattresses and let the whistle of the wind of Zagoria,outside your window,lull you.

Do not miss to enjoy the transcendental courtyard of the guesthouse, which offers the most amazing views of the mountains that rise before your eyes. Just feel the breezy rain on your face, head to the bar for a delicious hot chocolate while listening songs from jukebox.

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Megalo Papigo 440 04 Megalo Papigo, Epirus, GR
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