Zagori Philoxenia Hotel

The architecture was based on local tradition, with plans mentioning the old mansions of the residents living in the area many years ago.

The owners of the “Zagori Philoxenia hotel”, rich in knowledge and experiences related to the organizing and implementing “experiential ” programmes in the area, involving Greek and foreign participants, are ready to offer their knowledge and experience and, of course, their good will, to every individual or group wishing to follow one of the programmes: walks ,visits, tours and excursions, around the village of Monodendri and the other villages, the steps to the Vicos gorge and the gorge itself, from Monodendri or Vitsa to the springs of Voidomatis river and from there up to the villages Vicos and Papiggo.

Depending on your spare time and will, you can visit, alone or in groups organized by the people of the hotel, more interesting places in the region of Zagori (e.g. the village of Tsepelovo, the Sarakatsan sheep fold etc) and the broader area of Ioannina : the city itself (“first in weapons, money and letters”, according to an old saying), the castle, the lake and the lake island, the Perama cave, the Vrellis museum of wax-portraits and the archaeological site of Dodoni.

Depending again on your spare time and will, but also on the season, you can pursue some of the “extreme” sports like rafting in Voidomatis and Aoos rivers, walking and climbing on Pindos mountains etc.

The pleasant and creative stay of the visitors is the permanent concern of the people of the hotel, within a spirit of “Philoxenia in Action”, so that old and new friends wound remember with nostalgia their philoxenia” at “ZAGORI PHILOXENIA”.

In Monodendri of Zagori, the most famous of the well known, within Greece and abroad, “Zagorochoria”, on the way to Oxia, the highest “balcony” of Vicos, we created for you a warm-hospitable place, two elegant stone-made buildings, with respect to tradition and the needs of modern life.

At “Zagori Philoxenia Hotel”, in a home-like atmosphere, you will enjoy luxury and comfort and unique moments of recreation and relaxation. Well-educated (at home and abroad), open-minded people are ready to offer you a qualitative and substantial hospitality, from the welcome with the local “tsipouro and loukoumi” to the fare-well with “something to remember”.

Our ambition is to promote a homo-centric and participative touristic philosophy (from discussing the daily programme to the choosing the meals to be prepared) and to enlarge the circle of our friends, people of all nationalities and of all ages, people who love nature, respect tradition, long for simple life, enjoy the company of other people sharing experiences and feelings.

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